Changes on Term Dates as Primary and Secondary Schools Prepare For an Elections Break

Kenyan primary and secondary schools will be closed for one week in order to prepare for and conduct the general elections.

Numerous public schools are scheduled to serve as polling stations, as they have in recent elections, necessitating the break.

Learning institutions are therefore working against the clock as the nation gets ready for the general election to cover the majority of their syllabus, if not all, before the election.

Since most schools are used as polling or tallying centers, the majority of learning institutions have adjusted their curricular in an effort to make up for the election break.

To make up for the time that will be lost to election activities, some schools have implemented alternative learning schedules for makeup lessons, particularly for examination classes.

The initial midterm dates for term two were set to take place from August 11 to August 14 in 2022, according to the Ministry of Education.

The holiday for this term is similarly scheduled to run from September 17 through September 25, which is exactly seven days before the start of the third term.

The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the initial calendar, which used to be 14 weeks, forcing the Ministry of Education to reschedule it.


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