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Christopher Nyang’wara mosioma (Embarambamba)  is a Gusii gospel artist that most of people have come to love recently. He not only sings but also does a lot of comedy work as he does the singing.

The singer became famous after releasing his videos riding on the top of the cow and throwing himself in the mud.

Other things that made the singer famous include climbing the trees to the top and even jumping on the back of a woman during a live performance. He was also spotted hanging himself on a tent during his performance.

Embarambamba has sparked the attention of the people in the kisii region and the nation at large. Of all the gusii artists, he happens to be first artist to capture the attention of the netcizens.


Mr Christopher mosioma was born on 01/02/1988  in keroka village Nyamira county.

He is blessed with a beautiful wife and 5 children.


He started his education life at primar level at Kereira DOK located at kitutu Masaba. Proceeding from primary level to high school became a problem to him because of lack of enough funds. The remaining parent after the death of one was not in position to take care of them and also take him to secondary school.


Mr Mosioma Chris came to realize his talent in music right after completion his primary education. His first song hit was ‘Ensanako Tebwati Amasikani’. To record and produce the song  became a problem  due to the limited funds he had. He received a major boost and a blessing when Mr. Ong’eng’o offered himself to sponsor Mr Christopher and eventually he released the first secular track in 2007.

The hit didn’t generate much income as he expected since there was much competition from the much developed artists in Gisii region. Despite of these challenges he didn’t lose hope, he continued with his singing career upto a point where he was called upon by Mr Ong’eng’o to accompany him to perform in the functions that the late Nyachae had invited him. He performed well and even showed the prowess he had in drum beating .

Through these accompaniments with the established musicians, Mr Mosioma was able grow his career much to their level. More ways were opened to him, Man pepe sagero, a gusii secular artist also developed much interest to work with him due to the good work Mr Embarambamba was doing. He worke with Sagero from the year 2009 to the early 2016.

Mr Embarambamba decided to quit the secular music version so that he would reapond to the ‘Gods call‘ Most of Chris fans got disappointed as to why he had made such a decision. He immediately produced the first gospel song known as ‘Yesu moyale’

He recently got an endorsement from omo which made him sign a lucrative deal to promote their brand


While he was in the secular world he had produced song. The songs include:  George Morara, Chinchoke, Dr. Masese, Amasomo, Boda boda and among others.

The gospel one includes:  Naikire ime, Mbuya Nyasae, Omwana akong’ita obote, Inyigwete Natorekire e.t.c

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