co-curricular activities revived as the Ministry of education releases the calendar of games for the year 2021. Here are the venues and important dates

Both secondary, primary and tertiary games will be back after the ministry of education and the Kenyan government had  suspended the  sporting activities for  one year. This decision came after the first case of covid19  was reported  in Kenya last year march 2020.The calendar of games came to stop so that  the spread of the deadly virus of covid19. was controlled.

Most learners and even games teachers who enjoyed  participating in  games were not happy with the decision that was initially made but for now they have something to smile at since now all learners with different kind of talents will be having opportunity to showcase them after the release of the calendar of games activities.

The decision  to re-establish again the school games was made after the respective stakeholders met for four days in the mid month of May 2021 to discuss more about the matter on how the games would start. The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association(KSSSA)  together with officials  from the ministry of education also attended as they met in Nakuru town in Nakuru county.

Peter Orero, the KSSSA chairman said that due to the talents the learners possessed, which were  wasted, they decided to call for a meeting with the respective stakeholders  pinned to sporting activities by the Ministry Of Education to find a solution  so that the sporting activities would be re -started in schools and colleges too.

The chairman also added that an agreement was made that co-curricular activities in colleges and schools  would begin sooner enough so that the wasted talents in learners would be rejuvenated and also added that review of school games rules was also done and implemented  upon the restart of  games.

In the recently released calendar of games, Term one  games that is Handball, Athletics, Basketball and cross country will begin on July while Term two games that is Racquet games, Volleyball and soccer would start in October when the Term two commence.

For Term one games, Nationals will be held at Kabsabet Boys and Girls in Nandi county as from 2/10/2021 to 10/10/2021, Regionals Games  by 18/9/2021, County Games by 11/9/2021 and finally sub-County Games by 21/08/2021

For Term two games, Nationals will be held at Kangaru boys and girls in Embu county as from 11/12/2021 to 19/12/2021, Regional games by 27/11/2021, County games by 13/11/2021 and Sub-County games by 30/10/2021. They also said that the dates for the East Africa Games will be communicated later with the games scheduled to happen in the month of December 2021.

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