Complete list of deregistered TSC teachers October November 2021

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is an independent body of all primary and secondary teachers in Kenya, responsible for managing the recruitment, remuneration, promotion and discipline of teachers, among other roles stipulated by Kenya’s constitution of 2010.


The TSC is governed by the Teachers Code of Conduct and Regulations. All these rules and regulations have been stipulated in the Teachers Service Commission Act in the Constitution.

The commission has of late been very keen on the discipline of teachers around the nation, working around the clock ensuring quality service delivery from the teachers


. As a result, many employees who have found themselves in disciplinary issues with the commission now don’t have anywhere to go because their names were scraped from TSC list of teachers. Some of the disciplinary issues that have led to removal of TSC licence include; ; sexual harassment of students, sexual assault, romantic relationship between the teacher and his or her student, chronic absenteeism from school work, chronic alcoholism during work time, insubordination and negligence of duty.


However, most of these incidents first receive a warning after which deregistration follows if no changes of behaviour are noted.


Most of these cases have involved teachers in their prime ages and those who are still new in the teaching profession. Teachers not having self control and self discipline have also found themselves victims.


Since the review if TSC guidelines, most of these teachers have lost their jobs and many of them are tarmacking.

Here is the complete list

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