Complete list of Primary School Teachers Who will Teach Junior Schools From January 2023 as TSC begins deployment exercise

2023 is expected to be the most burdensome year to the Government through the ministry of education.



The current CBC top class which is grade five learners are expected to be in their first Junior school class,that is grade seven literarily regarded as form one



.At the same time,the outgoing 8.4.4 system’s last group is expected to be in form one.




The Government is at the moment challenged with the issues of infrastructure and shortage of teachers who will handle this largest number of students in the secondary schools



Teachers Service Commission has began employing new teachers in these schools in preparation for the looming crises.



It is obvious that the primary schools will not have the current class 7 and 8.This means that some schools will be left with excess teachers.



TSC has already began deploying these teachers to secondary schools.


The Government has said that some primary schools will host the junior schools.With the biting shortage of teachers



.There are challenges of whether TSC will post Principals and teachers within the primary schools immediately yet there are some existing administrators and teachers.





In view of the above,TSC is likely to make the teachers who are not yet deployed with degrees in Secondary options but are in these vicinities to handle these classes.



The other category of teachers are those with Diploma in Secondary Education who are disadvantaged in the ongoing deployment.



Besides that,there are some primary school teachers who have Masters Degree but are not in the administrative positions.



These teachers too may find their ways to these junior schools especially those that will be within the Primary school compounds.



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