*Complete list of transfered, promoted and deployed TVET principals with their respective institutions per county*

The acting and inservice  Principals have been transferred, posted and others got promotions from the Government in Vocational Technical Training Institutes, Colleges and Polytechnic following the recent report from the education ministry.


According to the report released, Education CS George Magoha emphasized that the changes were made into practice on Thursday.


In some scenarios, some changes are made to establish new institutions, others are made out of compassion or  purposely to replace principals who are moving to new stations for various reasons.


In addition, others were transferred purposely to replace retiring principals or those left out due to a natural accident.


Loice Yator, principal of the San’galo Institute of Science and Technology in Bangoma County, has been transferred to the Rift Valley Vocational Technical Training Institute (RVTTI) in Nandi County.


She will  take over for Isaac Bwambok, who has been appointed as the principal of the Masai Technical Training Institute (TTI). Agnes Rono, head of RVTTI’s research department, was  promoted to principal capacity of the Amsos Technical Vocational College found  in the same county.


Grace Mauti, the vice principal of a National Polytechnic was promoted to the position of principal. The institute’s Dean of Students, Nicodemus Mirioba, has also  promoted to the position of principal of the Riamo Technical Vocational College.



Kabete National Polytechnic Trainer Nicholas Muriuk has been appointed as the Principal of Ndia Technical Vocational College.



Mbeke Kioko, deputy principal of Thika Technical Institute, has been made the principal of Kibwezi Technical Vocational College.


He takes over for the current Principal, whose transfer got approved in the last meeting of the Ministerial Human Resource Management Advisory Committee.



Shadrack Tonui, the principal of Chepalungu Technical Vocational College, was  transferred  to Kericho Technical Vocational College to replace previous principal who had passed on.



Albert Munane, Vice Principal of wote Technical Training Institute, has been appointed as Principal of Yatta Technical Vocational College hence resolving the issue of having  three Vice Principals in Vote TTI.


Magdalene Mburu, head of the research and development department at Eldoret National Polytechnic, has been promoted to be the principal of the Nachu Technical Vocational College taking over from  current principal who was transferred due to personal reasons.



Abdullahi Sheikh, Registrar of Mandera Technical Training Institute, has been appointed as the Principal of Tarbaj Technical Vocation College so as he will see over the completion of the new institute.



Lucy Khoja, acting principal at Bondo Technical Training Institute, got  promoted to principal.


Haron Onguso, principal of Konoin Technical Vocational College, got transferred to the Keroka Technical Training Institute.


Patrick Rapenda, Principal of Navakholo Technical Vocational College, has been appointed as the Principal of Butula Technical Vocational College hence solving of handing over the institution without transfer.



Wilfred Kamunde, the acting principal of Tharaka Technical Vocational College got promoted to be the principal of Tigania East Technical Vocational College.


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