Complete list of worst ever school fire tragedies that have ever occurred in kenya

Over the recent few weeks, there have been cases of fire incidents in Kenyan schools that have shocked many parents as well as teachers.


The arson incidents in schools have in some cases claimed the lives of students while destroying millions of shillings of worth of property in the past.


These incidents are sometimes unexplained but in some, it’s always to do with arson on the part of some unruly students who don’t want to be in school.


Since schools opened a few weeks ago, there has been a surge in the number of arson cases and some schools have had to be shut down.


Let’s look at four of the deadliest fire incidents in Kenyan school that have ever happened.

1.Kyanguli Secondary School, Machakos

The Kyanguli fire tragedy remains one of the worst fire incidents in schools in the history of KenyaThe fire happened on the night of 25th March in 2001 where 67 students lost their lives in the school found in Machakos County.


Two students who were implicated in the arson were freed and the families of the victims compensated for their losses.


2.Moi Girls School Nairobi

The Moi Girls School Nairobi fire incident claimed the lives of nine girls as well as hospitalizing ten with serious burns.


The incident took place on the night of 2nd September in 2017.


3. Bombolulu Girls Secondary School, Mombasa


In 1998, twenty six girls of the Bombolulu Girls Secondary School were burnt to death in a fire incident at their school.


The tragedy led to the school being renamed Mazeras Girls Memorial School in a bid to help forget the 1998 incident that remains one of the worst school fires in history.

4.Nyeri High School, Nyeri

Four prefects were burnt to death at their cubicle in a dormitory at the famous school in 1999.


It is claimed that some students who had been suspended blamed it on the prefects and thus burning them in their cube rooms


5.Endarasha Boys Secondary School

Students in Endarasha Boys Secondary schools deliberately set ablaze a dormitory with two of their fellow students inside.They had in fact locked them in and it was one of the most inhumane incidents done by juveniles that year, that’s 2010.


6.Asumbi Girls Boarding Primary School 

This is one fire incident which was faulted for electricity. The year was 2012, on August and the pupils at Asumbi Girls primary school were preparing to close for August holidays.


The fire broke out in one of the dormitories and left 8 pupils dead. This was one of the worst fire incidences to ever happen in Homabay County.


7.Stephjoy Boys High School

Two boys died and 8 others sustained serious burns after the fire broke out at Stephjoy High School In Limuru in 2015. Some students were held responsible for the disaster.


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