Comptetency Based Curriculum is here to stay, Cs Magoha roars

Competency Based Curriculum continues to cause a slur between several stakeholders and the Kenya National Examinations Council commonly known as KNEC.




The Cabinet Secretary of Education has insisted he his not turning back on the move. He maintains he is going to do his best towards revamping education sector more so the CBC. Prof. Magoha is a no nonsense guy who has in the past faced rejection from several bodies.




Recently they were taken to court as many oppose the CBC rollout they want the 8-4-4 system to be worked on.



They have so many reasons as to why they do not smile at the new system which has made so many parents go to their knees and help learners with the materials they are given as assignment. Parents are having sleepless nights in making sure learners get to learn and know the information they need to know.




CBC is a good mechanism for some parents and others still maintain they are having worse times trying to understand it as they navigate through it while helping their children with their assignments.



Prof. Magoha has insisted that the rollout will go on even if they take him to court they will meet him thete and he will still propagate the same to the end without fear or doubt by maintaining he will travel the country to make sure the Ministry’s set of rules are followed to the latter in ensuring full CBC rollout countrywide.



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