*Confirmed! All DOs and senior teachers have a reason to smile after TSC gives the following directives*

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is the only Commission in Kenya that is mandated to recruit, remunerate, promote and transfer teachers from one working station to another.


The commission which is currently under the leadership of Dr Nancy Macharia as the serving Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been working round-the-clock to ensure that teachers work in a better environment.


The Director of Studies in schools have been the most important people who determine the potential prosperity of schools in the Education journey.


According to the latest reports, appointments of these teachers will now be confirmed by the employment body of teachers.


Specific reports from TSC indicates that the position in schools have never been official and hence Teachers Service Commission recognizes the hard work by appreciating their hard work.


Addressing regional and county directors of education,TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr Nancy Macharia recognized Director of studies work and encouraged them to work harder to achieve more results.


According to today’s Daily Nation News paper, the Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of education is working hard to find the best criteria to be used in increasing teachers’ pay.




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