Confirmed! All nursery schools to be amalgamated with primary schools in the new government plans

In order to relieve the parents from stress, the government has started the smooth transfer of learners from nursery schools to secondary schools under the new scheme.

As per the new plans, nursery school children are likely to be accommodated in all primary schools as the government wants to make good use of the two classrooms that would remain vacant under the newly implemented 2-6-3-3-3 education system.


As a result, all secondary schools will also need additional rooms and resources for junior secondary schools.


According to Prof Fatuma Chege, PS for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms, plans are on to demolish the walls to allow a smooth transition.


We know that in pre-primary the child will convert to grade 1, and it doesn’t make sense to keep the boundaries the same,” said Chege


PS argues that this will complement ongoing plans to build 10,000 classrooms during the transition. Ksh 4 billion has already been released to the Ministry of Education to start the first phase of the CBC school infrastructure development programme, which will oversee the construction of additional classrooms.


Magoha said the program seeks to address the classroom deficit in our public secondary schools by allowing CBC Grade 6 learners to move smoothly to junior secondary in January 2023.


According to Chege, the Ministry of Education also wrote to the Council of Governors with the aim of formulating a policy that would enable counties to work with the national government “to share resources to support the child who is pre-primary.” because they learn CBC and transition seamlessly into elementary school.” This, she said, was part of a grand transition plan to break down the walls in close cooperation with the counties. “Working with the counties to demolish the walls, keeping in mind that as the primary school term is reduced to six years, there is space that would be left by the standard 7 and 8,” Chege said.

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