Confirmed! All teachers to attend compulsory 9 months Post Certificate Training Course, check out the category of teachers exempted

The Teacher service commission of Kenya(TSC) has all the mandate to register teachers who have completed respective education courses.


The teacher may be having a Diploma in Education, Bachelors Degree or can have a P1 certificate. For him or her to be registered he or she must have met all the minimum requirement for registration.


Find more here about the current teacher registration requirement by TSC.


If the new proposal by the Teachers Service Commission about teacher Education goes through, all the  TSC employed teachers and those yet to be employed by the Teacher service commission will have to go for a compulsory post Training certificate course.


The post training certificate for  all the  teachers in service will target the teachers employed by Teacher Service Commission   and those yet to be employed by the commission but had completed  all the corresponding courses in education.


The teachers who will be enrolled for this training exercise will be graduates holding;


Diploma of Education for special Need certificate

Bachelors of Education certificate

Primary school teacher training certificate

diploma in secondary teacher training certificate

Early childhood Education Development certificate


This training exercise for post training teacher certificate course will be offered for a period of Nine months(9) and will be during holidays. A micro teaching exercise will also be done during this period for all the teachers taking the post Training teacher certificate course.


The aim of this Post Training Certificate course that is recommended by the Teacher Service  Commission is to ensure all the teachers become compliance with the Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) and all the learning areas involved.


These learning areas will involve the following;

pedagogy of the 21st century , principles and practices of teacher education

the all time learning assessment

action, research, inclusivity, coaching and mentorship of learners

identification and nurturing of learners talents and potentials

blending of content and instruction on micro teaching workshops

supervision and assessment

pedagogic reasoning and philosophical teaching



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