*Confirmed! All Teachers to receive their December salaries earlier before end month, check out the date-TSC*

After  almost a week break for Half-term term 3, schools  opened the doors for the contuation of academic year 2021.


The  second term was to run for 10 weeks. This period has been a period of serious study for the learners and even commitments of teachers so to cover work that was accumulated due to Covid-19.


All the students continued their remaining part of the term two weeks ago . Importantly, the grade four students who are leading the CBC class began  the grade five curriculum on july as they reported for the first term.


As we all know, term to has been full of students unrest due to the much compressed syllabus that they are forced to complete it within a short time.


This resulted learners to torch down their schools so that they can be released from school. Due to continued unrest and fire arsons in schools the government through the Ministry of Education decided to make adjustments to the school calendar by fixing a 4 day mid term break.


As we come to the end of the term 2021 in 2 weeks time from today, and enter into a December festive season,In my own opinion TSC will tend to pay all teachers their December salaries early enough as from next week.

Here are the personal reasons behind early payment of teachers .

Teachers are parents too who need to get money and provide fares for the children who will be traveling back from school to  homes for Christmas holiday.

Also we know Christmas is a day that most of families come together, unite and celebrate, this preparations needs money.

Another reason is that, parents will have a short period of time to celebrate with their kids before they report back to school for term 3 2021 from January 2022. Reporting back needs money to pay school fees and also prepare the kids.


Also remember Due to some damages caused by the fires in schools, some schools advised parents to pay damage fee as from next term to enable schools build the destroyed  properties.



With payment next week , all these problems will be solved. Meanwhile let’s wait and see how things unfolds. Wish teachers good luck. Thank you. 



Let’s hope for  some ‘white smoke  in  banks next week.

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