*confirmed! End of TPD training modules for teachers after the court rulling*


Over 300,000 teachers who are employed by the the government to work under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) schemes of service have a sigh of relief after the labour law courts puts on hold the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) vocational training that was set to start this December.


In a judgement that was read on Friday 10th December, the judges pointed out that the intended programme is not valid since there is no regulation by TSC on the said programmes.


“The teachers professional development (TPD) modules in dispute will not be implemented because they fall short of the professional development programs prescribed by tye teachers service Commission.



TPD programmes are to be determined by regulation. The disputed programmes are not issued through a regulation of parliamentary safeguards ,” Judge Brayam Ongaya


However, the ruling was not welcomed by the TSC since it’s attorney Timon Oyucho vowed to make an appeal citing mistakes in the labour court ruling.


“We are considering the decision and we are highlighting areas where the judge made a mistake in the law and facts and we will immediately move the matter to the court,” Oyucho commented.


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  1. Nyaisuti Daniel Mwita says

    How can the employer be the same professional regulator? Which body accredited TSC to prepare TPD for it to be taught by Universities? No wonder world class university avoided the tender as a plague!