Confirmed! Expect salary increment soon for civil servant declares SRC boss checkout who benefits more

Teachers across the country will soon be smiling after the chair of the salaries and Remuneration Commission, Lin Mengich, instructed all public institutions.


SRC Chairlady says that it has come to the notice of the Commission that some institutes calculate allowances as a percentage of basic pay.


With this criterion, some commissions like Teachers Service Commission offer very less allowances to their employees.

Therefore the SRC has directed all the public institutions to submit the list of allowances paid to their employees for reconciliation.




The commission says that the deadline for submission of details is 30 November 2021. The Chairman acknowledged that some institutions pay 70 per cent of the basic pay as allowances. He says others like TSC pay 20 per cent of basic pay as allowances and thus there is a need to harmonize allowances for all civil servants.


The move by the SRC to review the allowances of all civil services employees may be in favor of teachers as they are the most affected group in terms of receiving less allowances.



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