*Confirmed! No December salary payment for the following category of teachers says TSC, Check out*


December holidays are near, some teachers who are kuppet leaders are set to suffer a blow.


This is after kuppet national decided to struck out the names of branch union members. Those excluded from the payroll are those opposed to the progressive teaching programmes.


In the daily Nation today, it’s confirmed that six branches of kuppet have been excluded from the payroll. Nobody will be paid because they don’t support national branch policies.


The chairman kuppet said that they made such a hard decision to teach them that the national wing has Powers.


The six have been questioning the Tpd modules included to teachers programs. The programs which aims at teaching teachers and upgrading their skills in CBC, met alot of opposition.

Some teachers were transfered last month when they complained.


Kuppet insists that teachers should be retrained by the commission before being allowed to deliver in classes. We wish all teachers the best. Thanks

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