Confirmed! Teachers should prepare to wear a common uniform as fresh details emerges concerning teacher’s uniforms

The TSC has ever been on the higher side implementing some of its strategies, most of which have always been inclined towards the teacher, who are the prime targets for its achievable objectives.



Several items have been put into action ever since the new system, under the leadership of the CEO, Dr Nancy Macharia, came into being almost six years ago, and the teacher has always been affected either positively or negatively depending on the prevailing factors for individual teachers.


The latest reports states that the earlier speculations over the introduction of uniforms for teachers has now been adopted and it might be a reality soon.



The findings for the reports suggested that ever since the Ministry of Education introduced a glossy yellow color for the school buses, the system has run smoothly, and now every school bus can be easily identified from far, and schools can be able to track the movement of their buses wherever they go.



According to the TSC’s Deputy CEO, Ken Mulunda, this has forced the TSC to introduce the color that could easily match the new norm, and give the teachers a new look that could help for efficient monitoring, and other work execution practices amongst the TSC’s staff in future.





Therefore, teachers have to wear glossy orange T-shirts and shirts, with green lining on the colars and the sleeves just to coincide with the new actual environment.


The aforementioned move might be implemented with immediate effect as from next month. though the suggestion is still in the oven, being discussed on by the relevant stakeholders both from the Ministry of Education and TSC, so that they bring out an idea that do not render a teacher captive in their own yard.


Nevertheless, nothing that has ever been suggested by TSC that has never come to pass. Therefore, teachers should prepare to put on the suggested uniforms, probably starting from the dawn of the new year 2022.


However, it might be a normal gesture to some schools who already have the staff uniforms, though each school usually own its own preference of selecting its own appropriate color. Lets wait and see how things unfolds. The view above is an opinion which is yet to be implemented.



Do you think this is a right step to be taken by TSC?? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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