Confirmed, the following category of teachers to undergo APRIL mandatory CBC training. Checkout the Dates,exempted category and prepare


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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will train around 60,000 secondary school teachers on the new curriculum in April this year.

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Teachers will be placed in a casualty program with the aim of equipping teachers To teach major subjects in Junior Secondary School next year.



The teachers who will be targeted in the first phase of the program will be those handling science and physical education subjects under the first group of Grade 6 Competency Based Course (CBC) graduates, who will sit their national assessment later this year.


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Grade 6 learners will transition to junior secondary schools in 2023. Junior Secondary comprises of grades 7, 8 and 9.



According to a circular issued by TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia, the 60,000 teachers to be trained will be handling biology/chemistry, physics/maths and physical education.






Biology and chemistry teachers will be equipped with expertise on how to handle integrative and health sciences, while those who teach physics and mathematics will be retrained to teach pre-technical and pre-vocational learning.


As per the circular, physical education teachers are expected to teach sports and physical education in secondary schools.


In April, retooling will take place in the form of a five-day face-to-face training, while continuing learning on new subject areas will be transferred online later.





The locations for the program across the country will be carefully selected to ensure that teachers can reach them easily.





TSC will receive an additional Sh15 billion for the 2022-2023 financial year, and plans to use the money to hire new teachers.





A report, which was presented by the Parliamentary Budget Office to the National Assembly’s Education and Research Committee, shows that the TSC has earmarked 13,000 secondary school teachers and 9,000 interns for Sh15 billion specifically to deal with the exits. have planned to utilize their increased allocation. and expected increase in enrollment when junior secondary starts in January 2023.


Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani had allocated an additional Sh14.9 billion to the TSC, whose budget has increased from Sh281.7 billion to Sh296.6 billion in the new fiscal year.





Subjects offered in Junior Secondary Schools





Takes 3 years i.e. Grade 7, 8 and 9





the main topic










Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for Deaf Learners










integrated science





health education





Pre-technical and pre-career education





social study





Religious Education – Learners choose any one of the following:





i) Christian religious education





ii) Islamic religious education





iii) Hindu religious education





business Studies










life skills education





Sports and Physical Education





Optional Subject (Min 1, Maximum 2)





visual arts


performing arts


home Science


computer science


foreign languages:


i) german



ii) French




iii) Mandarin


iv) Arabic


indigenous languages


Kenyan Sign Language


NB: ICT will be a delivery tool for all subjects


The Junior Secondary School will introduce learners to a broad based curriculum to enable them to explore their abilities, personality and potential as a basis for choosing subjects as per the career path of interest to the Senior School.











Learners in Junior Secondary will undergo a rigorous career guidance program and be exposed to relevant subjects so that they can make informed choices while moving on to Senior School.





The subjects taught in Junior Secondary are in two categories; Core and Optional.


At this level, a broad based curriculum is offered to enable the learner to explore his/her interests and possibilities.


Key topics at this level will include; English, Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for learners with the deaf, math, integrated science, health education, pre-technical and pre-career education, social studies, religious education, business studies, agriculture, life skills education, sports and physical education.





Optional subjects will include; Visual Arts (Fine Arts, Photography), Performing Arts (Music, Dance), Home Science, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, Kenyan Sign Language and Indigenous Languages.


In Grade 4, learners will be introduced to the optional subjects offered in upper primary to make an informed choice in Grade 7.


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