Confirmed! TSC releases the date that newly recruited intern teachers will report to their respective schools

TSC is planning to announce another mass intern recruitment of 4,000 teachers in December this year.


To meet the target of 6,000 intern teachers in January, the Teachers Service Commission intends to hire 4,000 more intern teachers.




The commission had said in July that it would hire 6,000 trainers on an internship basis.

2,000 teachers were hired as part of the government’s initiative to help the youth. TSC will now try to fill the gap by announcing more job openings.


Hence, TSC is planning to supply all 6,000 intern teachers in January so that they can start working at their respective stations. So, it means that all those teachers who have already secured vacancies with TSC will have to wait a little more till January before receiving their appointment letters.


This comes at a time when lakhs of unemployed teachers are scrambling for limited internship opportunities, as TSC has made internships the only surefire way to get into permanent position


When interviews are called for the new recruitment drive, unemployed teachers will face stiff competition for 1038 internship slots available in primary schools and 957 in secondary schools.



The application was closed last week, and TSC officials in the counties are now preparing the merit list which will be used to shortlist the interviewers.



The Regional Directors of the Commission are expected to transmit the system-generated lists of applicants to the TSC Headquarters by 18 October 2021. Internship contracts were also extended for one more year.



“Applicants will be called to sign the agreement and offer of internship letter will be issued only after approval at the headquarters,” said a circular signed by TSC director Rita Wahome.




There are over 300,000 qualified but unemployed teachers in the country, with an estimated shortage of 100,000 teachers.



The tremendous level of interest in the internship program contrasts sharply since it was first introduced in 2019.



10,000 unemployed trainers, when most of them have shied away from it. This was mostly due to pathetic monthly stipends of Sh10,000 and Sh15,000 for primary and secondary school interns respectively.



Since then, the amount has been increased to ksh 15,000 and ksh 20,000. However, the 30 percent automatic marks that interns get when recruiting for permanent work remains the main attraction for unemployed grads.


Internship program was established to overcome the acute shortage of teachers in schools.


Interns will report to their schools in January, when the third term begins.



TSC is recruiting 5,000 teachers every year, but the need remains since the adoption of a 100 percent transition from primary to secondary schools.



As per the scoring sheet, TSC will award marks to interns based on the quality of their degree or certificate as well as the amount of time they have been unemployed since graduation.



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