Confirmed! TSC to deploy more than 6000 Primary school teachers to junior secondary. Check out who benefits more


Teachers Service Commission TSC has sent good news for primary school tutors.


Information from TSC shows that as junior secondary school is about to be implemented, more primary school teachers will need to be deployed to teach junior secondary classes.


Teachers Service Commission boss Dr. Nancy Macharia says that since competency-based curriculum is also going to be implemented, more secondary school teachers will be required, so there is a need to deploy primary school teachers to junior secondary.


The Commission has confirmed that the process of posting of teachers will not be discriminatory.


Dr. Macharia said that at least 6000 primary school teachers would be deployed by the beginning of next year to complete 100% transition in schools.


After the CBC is fully implemented around June next year, there will be another group which will be deployed in Junior Secondary.


The Commission, however, has clarified that it will give first priority to primary school teachers who have secured Grade C+ in the KCSE certificate.



At the same time, in the two teaching subjects, teachers with C + grade will be given the highest priority, which will be required.

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