*Confusion over school closure as MoE issues warning to schools that will close before 23rd December*

All schools countrywide were expected to close on 23rd December and break for one week Christmas holiday. However it has emerged that some schools have defied the guidelines issued by the MoE concerning the closing dates.


This is after it emerged that a number of schools will release their students to go home on different dates next week. This will however reduce the term by one week despite being very short.


The term had also been reduced by the half term break despite the rush to complete the syllabus in preparation for national examinations early next year.


Majority of the schools that have confirmed that they will closing next week are private. A number of public secondary schools have also confirmed that they will release students starting from next week.


However despite some schools confirming that they will close next week, the PS of Education Julius Jwan issued a contradicting statement yesterday saying that all schools are expected to comply and close as per the dates given by the ministry of education.


Jwan said that the the ministry of education has not changed the closing dates adding that if there were any changes, the ministry would have communicated.


However, a number of parents have complained concerning the closing date. Parents say that 23rd is too close to Christmas Day and this will lead to challenges for boarding students traveling far.


Parents say that fares are expected to shoot up considering that it will be Christmas time when so many people travel to their holiday destinations.


According to a message sent to parents of Bunyore Girls High School, the institution will close on 17th December. Kisii School also confirmed to parents that the institution will close on Monday, December 20.


However, confusion arises after ministry officials warned the schools against closing earlier.

Ministry of Education through PS Julius Jwan stated that schools are expected to close on 23rd December as indicated in the school calendar.

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