COTU Secretary Francis Atwoli warns employers against unilateral pay cuts

In summary

  • COTU secretary warns against unilateral pay cuts to employees
  • Employers should enter into agreement with relevant union before effecting pay cuts

In response to yesterday announcement by SRC CEO Lyn Mengich , that it has plans to slash employees allowances, The Central Organization Trade union(COTU) secretary Francis Atwoli has warned employers against using the covid19 pandemic as an excuse to unilaterally slash workers salaries



Atwoli spoke yesterday when appreciating the strain the pandemic has continued to cause on workers. He said that  employers must enter into agreement with relevant unions before effecting any pay cut to employees.



With high number people having have lost their jobs since the outbreak of covid19 virus in march 2020, Kenya Labour Force continues to experience a strain with the unpredictability to the future of business. COTU in response has drafted a four year strategic plan that would guide the employer and employee during the pandemic.




COTU secretary general  Francis Atwoli has warned the employer who have been unilaterally slashing workers salaries.

“ we signed  a Memorandum of understanding, Nobody should be sacked, where there is work people should continue working, where there is a problem because of social distance or those who are on leave they should have paid leaves. Those who finish their leaves and covid19 is still rampant in the area, they should continue with their leaves unpaid but don’t lose their jobs” Atwoli stern statements



Atwoli said that every employer  must enter  into agreement with the relevant union before effecting the pay cut. This is because the union will be able to assess the situation that the company is in, whether they are lying, whether they are making money, the union remains to be part of that particular enterprise. From there a joint agreement will be made.



“Nobody will lose job because of covid19, that is in writing, so nobody should victimized because of covid19” those were stern statements made by COTU secretary.



COTU and its affiliates will be exploring ways of showing up the government efforts in economic recovery so as to caution workers.

“ We have heard about a lot of economic theories, those theories cannot get you out of economic struggle if you don’t work  for what  you want to achieve” Atwoli added.



He further urged all workers get the covid19 jab so as to protect themselves against contracting covid19 virus.



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