Court To Rule the following about CBC. Check out the detailed report below

The Competency Based Curriculum is on of the recent curriculum development rolled out in kenya in the year 2017 and is expected to be fully in force by the year 2023. This new development replaced the 8-4-4 system that has been in place since 1980.



Since it’s implementation, the new curriculum has faced opposition from a section of kenyans especially parents who say that CBC is posing great challenge to them. Most parents have used the Hashtags such as #CBCMustfall to show their level of dissatisfaction with the new curriculum.



The main opponents to this educational reform include former KNUT Secretary general, Wilson Sossion who presented a motion before the parliament higlighting the shortcomings relating to implimentation of CBC.



Also, lawyer Esther Awuor Odero Ang’wa has filled a petition and is to be represented by HAVI and Company Advocates, headed by the current Chairperson of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK). The respondents ro this petition include:The Ministry of Education presentsd by lawyer Phillip Murgor, KNUT represent by John Mbuluto , KNEC, TSC, KICD.



The petitioner wants three things to be ruled on.

– Change in the system and structure of basic education in kenya


-The cabinet secretaries Dr.Fred Matiangi and prof. Magoha who introduced and implemented CBC respectively declared uncostitutional

-A declaration be made that CBC is based on vocational training which should be something meant for post secondary education.


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