CS Magoha in panic as Raila Odinga makes the following statements about CBC as he gives out the solution for the CBC curriculum

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has today rubbished CBC program which the government of Kenya led by education cabinet Secretary professor George Magoha are trying to implement.


Former prime minister alleged that there is an urgent need to review the education curriculum in our country before things worsen.




“The curriculum really needs to be properly looked at by the government and approved, because you waste money that can be better be deployed to train somebody who is unemployable,” he reiterated.




Raila Odinga added that, many foreign countries normally seeks for people whom they can employ but due to lack of trained personnel in our country, we as a country end up suffering.



According to ODM leader, the CBC program requires a lot of preparations and money which our government has not yet planned for it.


Do you think Honourable Raila is right in his statement about CBC? Feel free to share your thoughts.



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  1. Kuloba Juma alex says

    yeah Raila is very right, this CBC is null since it needs a lot of money to implement it and making sure it’s successful. This current system of education should only be upgraded but not doing away with it . The late mzee moi really struggled to implement it and so we us his product we must abide to it.

  2. Emmanuel Simiy says

    Yes he is absolutely right. Even the so called CBC is not being anywhere in the country. They are just using the new materials but teaching using old 844 techniques. CBC is very technical such that for it to be implemented, teacher have to be taken back to colleges for atleast four years before they appliy it. Now have asked yourself the question of after grade six. No secondary is ready to take hundreds of learners to add to the existing forms. The class seven and eight classrooms! We are waiting for a miracle to move the to nearby secondary schools. CBC is a void.