CS Magoha in problem as activists says CBC will not be implemented

Lawyer Nelson Havi has given two reasons why those opposing the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) stand a chance of winning the court case against the Ministry of Education.




According to him, the details about the curriculum had been hidden for four years with no public documented information about it. Havi claimed that the documents available then were not available for public review and opinions.




Besides, he added that the Kenyan constitution states that education for all Kenyan children is supposed to be free. On his account, he asserted that parents have been complaining of the high cost of the curriculum which not all parents can afford.


However, the country’s Parents’ Association has said it intends to join and support the CBC education system. Its chairman Nicholas Maiyo has said the association will be defending the CBC system in court as they support it.



“Our fear is court decisions that could disrupt our children’s education. We will join the case as parents who represent 10 million children in the country” Maiyo said.



Maiyo was speaking at KICD offices where education stakeholders were discussing the CBC system.



Last Friday, lawyer Nelson Havi filed a petition in court claiming that the education ministry’s move to implement the new system is illegal, dangerous to the future of Kenyan children and should be stopped.



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