cs magoha shocker as teachers confess the following about CBC

There is an ongoing debate about whether the new CBC curriculum should be implemented or whether it should be stopped.




Over the past few weeks, parents have been crying out about how hectic and expensive the implementation process is. It is revealed by nature about the tasks that the learners are taking home.




Teachers are also finding it difficult to implement the curriculum. Due to the increasing number of lessons and subjects, they have to bear the heavy workload.




LSK president Nelson Havi has already gone to court to block the implementation of the course. However, education CS professor George Magoha has vowed to defend the curriculum. He has said that nothing will stop the implementation process.



As the debate is still going on, CS Magoha has received surprising remarks from teachers who have now spilled the beans. Teachers have clearly stated that they are implementing CBC in schools for their job.




He has openly said that not much is going on in the schools. There have been shouts that there are no learner digital devices in some schools. Others have no electricity while others have. depressing classrooms. The CS is yet to respond to the teachers’ confession as the court battle is on.



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