CS of Education Prof. George Magoha makes these major announcements about Junior Secondary schools in preparation for fully roll out of CBC Curriculum


For smooth and better transition of  learners from primary to junior secondary school under competency based curriculum(CBC), the government through the education sector has plans construct over 20,000 classrooms across the country.


Yesterday the Education Cabinet secretary Prof. Magoha said that building of  the classes will ease the congestion experienced in schools due to the 100 percent transition of learners from primary level to secondary that was introduced back in 2018


“Our aim is to improve the school infrastructure and  plans are ongoing to construct  at least 20,000 classroom between December and April next year 2022. I also appreciate the work CDF  is doing in building some more classrooms” Magoha told the parliamentary committee on education.


Prof. Magoha  was invited into the committee chaired by Busia Women Rep madam Florence Mutua to explain why the government was yet to solve the problem of infrastructure in schools.


Many schools  are congested , this is what makes more questions to be raised on the quality of education provided in those schools, subukia MP made this statement.  During the last form one placement exercise schools received a double number learner that they could hold from its previous years, he added.


To provide learning room for this learners, some school had to to improvisations by using tents and constructing temporal classes that are used by the learners. As the first pioneer class of CBC at grade five,-preparing to join into senior  secondary into 2023 more urgency of classrooms is required.


The CS said that the ministry has been disbursing infrastructure funds to schools each of the terms to boost the development of facilities as the new curriculum is taking shape.


“As the CBC class prepares to proceed to junior secondary the government is making efforts to expand schools facilities” Magoha added.


Some junior secondary classes will be in primary section according to the CBC report task force that was launched in February. The MPS also questioned the criteria that the Ministry of education was using to disburse the infrastructure funds to schools.


CS Magoha  said the funds are sent to each institution  and the total number of schools that get the benefit depends on the budgetary allocations.

“The government will continue supplying desks and chairs to secondary schools. Any school that needs more funds for infrastructure is required to apply grants. This come when the government successfully distributed  a total of 622,357 desks, lockers and chairs to  primary and secondary schools”.  Magoha added.


Samburu MP further advised the ministry that during the distribution of desks, chairs and lockers it must consider assisting the school that are more needy. He further gave an example of one school in his area  that lacks enough desks to be used with pupils. The pupils are forced to study under trees or sit on floors.


To prevents schools principals from exploiting parents, he asked the government trough the Ministry of education to have one center where parents could get uniforms at no extra costs. Some of the principals makes it compulsory for parents to purchase uniforms, mattresses and other  school material from particular outlets at relatively  higher prices compared to market prices, he added.


DR. Julius Jwan said that the headteachers have no  powers to prescribe specific suppliers.  According to the Basic Education Regulations act 2015, it prohibits any institution from prescribing a specific supplier of school uniforms or any other materials for a parent or guardian


He further warned that the government will take a strong  action against those breaking the laws with specific suppliers to exploit parents.


CS Magoha also said that the disbursement of funds to secondary schools for second term in on going and assured the MP all schools will receive their portion in time for preparation of school reopening next week.


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