Cs of Education prof. Magoha plans to abolish School uniforms in all schools, check out the detailed report

The Human Rights Secretary of a branch, Mrs Rachel Otundo, has spoke about  CS Prof. George Magoha latest plan of allowing students to go to school without uniforms.





She said that if students wore civilian clothes, it would be difficult for teachers to recognize them.




“It will open up opportunities for strangers to enter our schools and make them unsafe for our children,” she said.




Otundo thought that instead of Magoha considering introducing a policy where school children do not wear uniforms, he should advise the government to introduce cheaper means so that parents can acquire uniforms without much financial struggle.



She reminded CS that unlike institutions , schools are organized institutions which should be handled with decency and uniqueness




She asked the Chief Secretary not to interfere too much with the HOI and Head Teachers in their administrative roles as they are trained and hence know what is best for the learners.



He said that 100% transition policy from primary to secondary school is good as it provides equal opportunity of access to education to all children.



Do you think this is a right call by the CS? feel free to share your thoughts below



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  1. Daudi says

    Not right. Unless same colour uniform but abolish. Uniform bring equality in attire but not a variety in of dressing styles and fashions which may intimidate children from humble background.
    Why all these changes proposed any time one thinks of a change? How will the school identify their pupils or students. This will encourage indiscipline and we will blame teachers for not managing learners?
    TSC wants teachers to be in uniform, what was the real problem? Can it help improve understanding?