Death Of Best KCSE candidate brings anger to the residents of Homabay county, Here is what the police said about the incident

Police officers from Homabay have blamed the family of Edgar Odongo who is reported to have been attacked by a group of of unknown gangs




In the incident that happened some few days ago, the deceased who came into the limelight after being one of the best Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education in 2012 was allegedly found unconscious on the road after which he was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed and died in while receiving medical attention.




His death sparked alot of anvry reactions from Kenyans along with the residents of Homabay who called out police officers from Homabay on claims that they had failed in performing their duty by not providing security to the residents of homabay county.




While reacting to this incident, several residents from Homabay claimed that the police were only interested in arresting and extorting money from Kenyans due to the ongoing curfew directives but didn’t stay out long enough to arrest criminals.





However, in what might be considered as a new turn of events, Police officers from Homabay have called upon the family of the deceased to go and file or rather report the incident to the police station for more investigation.




Speaking to a couple of reporters from different Kenyan media houses, Homabay County commander Esther Seroney revealed that the family of the deceased have not reported the incident in any of the police stations in Homabay.




Due to this reason, she called upon the family of the deceased to make an official report about the death of the deceased in order to give them a go ahead to commence with the investigations.



Lets hope that the family will eventually get justice over the death of their son.



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