Detailed analysis about upgrading programme for P1 and ECDE teachers 2021/2022 released

The  Ministry of education  released the official Advertisement  of the upgrading program for the year 2021 on July .



This upgrade of primary education course from a certificate to diploma level was recommended by the following;

-The taskforce on enhancing access, relevance, transition,  equity and quality for effective curriculum reforms and implementation(MOE 2020 page 77)

-Basic Education Act{2013}

-Odhiambo Taskforce Report Republic of Kenya



All  the existing certificate holders teacher swill be given equal opportunity to undergo the upgrade to diploma level. The reformed CBTEC has put more emphasis on professionalism, values, learner cent pedagogies, assessment for learning,  identification and nurturing of learners talents, integration of ICT in learning process and mainstreaming research that is not being emphasized in PTE certificate course.



For a CBC teacher to be good enough, he or she must is expected to be a mentor and a facilitate the learning process of learners which is the main goal of shifting from the earlier education system to the current CBC system.



For better skilled to handle the CBC programme, all the current teachers with PTE certificates MUST be retooled again so as they will  effectively implement the new reforms in education system.



The upgrading program will be for two  categories, namely ;

1.From ECDE certificate to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE)

2. From Primary Teacher Education certificate(PTE) to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE)



In the CBTE for the  {diploma course for primary teacher Education(PTE)} the training will be for 3000 hours for a duration of 3 years. The 3000 hours will be redistributed as below;

a. classwork-2,100 hours

b. micro teaching-300 hours

c. practicum -600 hours



Previously, the PTE course in the 8.4.4 system of education took a duration of 2 years  which comprised of three terms with each term going for 350 hours leading to a total of 2,100 hours for the full course with teaching practice included.



For the upgrading teachers from PTE certificate to diploma, each teacher is expected to cover a minimum of 1,000 hours to attained the 3,000 hours required for awarding of diploma certificate.



For DPTE  upgrading course KICD proposed the   course to take 1320 hours . The time is distributed further as shown below;

a. professional learning area-414 hours

b. content and methodologies-786 hours

c. practicum-300 hours

All teachers trainees will cover 1,200 hours for  both professional and  content and methodology. There will be a blended and online ways of learning that will be arranged.

a. professional courses-414 hours

b. integrated content and pedagogy-1176 hours

c. practicum-300 hours



Check Out the upgrading Fee structure  below




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