Do you know Baba Raila running mate in 2022 general election? Check below as he is revealed

ODM leader, Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is one of the famous political leaders in Kenya. Many people have been asking themselves questions on whome he should pick as the running mate come 2022 for the presidential seat.



But now it is almost reaveled that the posible running mate is peter munya. This was seen when the agriculture Cabinet Secretary revisited the claims of July 2019 assassination against Deputy President William Ruto noting that he can never work with him.



Speaking over the weekend at a hotel in Meru, Munya ruled out any chance of supporting the Deputy President, who has expressed interest in the Presidency ahead of the 2022 General Election.




The former CS argued that it is not posible to be a running mate of a person who accused him of plotting his assassination.



Munya said, “How can I work with someone who once accused me of planning to kill him? That can never happen”.



He further stated, “If I’m offered the position of Raila’s running mate, I’m okay with it”.



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