Documents to be submitted to TSC after securing a permanent job with TSC

The Teachers service commission officially commenced the awaited exercise of teacher recruitment countrywide on Thursday 22nd July 2021 and is likely to end on Wednesday 28th July 2021 with an intention of employing 5000 teachers by the end of the exercise .

In this time recruitment exercise teachers who have been serving under internship programme are given first priority compared to those who didn’t secure the contracts.

All shortlisted applicants before the panel members despite being senior or junior intern both were awarded automatic 30 marks. Some Intern teachers are likely to miss to be absorbed on permanent slots being that some failed to carry necessary documents in the day of interview.

1.Documents before the selected panel 

Before the selected panel comprising of four members all shortlisted applicants should provide original and legible documents for scrutiny during interview:

  • National ID
  • NCPWD) Card (where applicable);
  • KCPE certificate;KCSE certificates (if one repeated exams      include first attempt certificate)
  • PTE certificate;Primary school leaving certificates
  • .Secondary School leaving certificates
  • certificate of registration as a teacher
  • evidence of service as a teacher intern
  • sworn affidavit where names differ on submitted documents.

Documents of successful candidates to be submitted to the TSC Headquarters (certified copies)

  1. National identification card;
  2.  NCPWD Card (where applicable);
  3. Two passport size photographs;
  4. KCPE Certificates;KCSE Certificates (if one repeated exams include first attempt certificate)
  5. PTE Certificate;
  6. Primary leaving certificates 
  7. Secondary Schools leaving certificates
  8. NHIF Card
  9. NSSF Card
  10. KRA PIN certificate,
  11. Bank form 
  12. Bank plate to facilitate appointment on payroll.
  13. Gp 69 form
  14. Graduation book list bearing your name ,page and name of university
  15.  Written commitment letter serve in any county posted to, for a minimum period of five (5) years, and three (3) years in case of North Eastern region before seeking any transfer.
  16. Application letter for that teaching post.

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