ECTE, PTE Certificate Teachers To Upgrade To Diploma In New Ministry of Education Government Program

Schools are opening next week after a one-week break. The students are expected to start the 2021 academic calendar which will be only 30 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks.

With this the government has  made some important adjustments in school fee by reducing it from the previous figure to a figure that is affordable by parents.

Another phase of implementation of the new CBC syllabus is expected to begin in Grade V on the same Monday of July 26.

The teachers have been continuously trained by TSC on the new curriculum. They are now fully equipped with the necessary pre-requisite skills for a successful implementation  of the course.

There has been debate about new training of teachers who are not yet simultaneously employed under TSC.

The government wants to upgrade the training of teachers to the diploma level in the new curriculum.

To make this a reality, the government has now created it.

According to the information from the Ministry, it has made Clear to the regional directors to inform the school heads about its implementation which will start soon and make the teachers aware of it.

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