*End of CBC curriculum after the following emerges today leaving CS Magoha in panic*

The Competency Based Curriculum CBC is the new education system in Kenya that is currently set to replace the 8-4-4 education system. It was introduced in 2017.



Today more details have emerged concerning the new curriculum and the Members of Parliament have termed it as a fraud and even expensive.


According to the source, the main reason as to why the project has been termed as expensive is because the parents have cried because of costly school projects.


A number of law makers have vowed to move to the parliament to stop the CBC in the next government.


“Unwanted Curriculum:


MPs have now termed the Competency-Based Curriculum as a fraud and an expensive program following an outcry by parents on the costly school projects.


A number of the legislators have vowed to stop CBC in the next govt.” NTV Kenya tweeted on their official verified Twitter account.

Do you support the CBC curriculum?

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