End time for CBC curriculum following the latest announcement from high Court. Check out the emerged details on CBC

The Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi initially announced that the society had received several directives to completely challenge the merit-based curriculum in the court of law.



He further said that this was a concept related to the basic structure theory, adding that he would proceed from a point of view of the government’s position on the matter.



According to parents, the competency based curriculum is preparing our children not for employment but to stay at home. He said this should not be allowed to happen as it was a document prioritizing the Bridging Bridge initiative(BBI) which said it was not progressive.



It is also said that this process is extremely expensive. A child of a class reads and reads more than twenty books because every year the syllabus of all competency based curriculum classes is revised, thus the purchase of text books is necessary, and that there is no more legacy of books.



According to the parents, competency based curriculum is a  project created to benefit a select few kenyans.


He said it would have been much easier to go back to the initial 8-4-4 system and change the mode of the exam.



Publishers are said to be the main beneficiaries here, taking money out of a system that uses our kids as guinea pigs.


On that note, competency based curriculum (CBC) is facing a lot of oppositions from all parents and other netizens.  Most of them argued that the  curriculum best suits most developed countries and is for the rich families not kenyan parents.



Many are claiming that the government is forcing the system instead of following the right channels where all stakeholders need to be consulted so that they can air their views and opinions.


All these emerging issues are really giving Prof. George Magoha sleepless nights and the Ministry of education on what will happen next and  how it will come up with the best solution for the issues.


In my own opinion, As things progress i see the likelihood of the CBC Curriculum ending and failing as the Huduma Namba project.Meanwhile lets wait and see the outcome.



My question is this, are you for the CBC curriculum or not, give your thoughts with regards in your choice in the comment section below.



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  1. Xtine Maks says

    CBC is a scam. In Kenya we are somehow poor. Most Kenyan families will not be able to meet the requirements for that education system.

  2. Josiah Nyanamba says

    I support the change of exam model and go on with 8-4-4 system.

  3. Abdirahman says

    CBC is for developed countries which can afford 1:1 teacher-learner ratio…..meanwhile let’s continue with 8-4-4 and change our mode of assessment

  4. Magutu chacha says

    CBC is totally humiliating parents,learners and teachers since it is learner centered but teacher-learner whereby you find learners are bulking themselves with a lot of irrevant learning materials which could not be useful in the future thus expensing our parents.therefore since here in kenya most of our parents are not capable of buying many learning materials then CBC should be ruled out of the education system to avoid bulking our beloved parents.

    1. Carolyne Cherono says

      I really do not support this CBC..If I must say the truth, this curriculum is mostly beneficial to children from Rich families and schools with facilities and equipment like computers etc as in for the computer lessons..the poor are suffering..this curriculum is milking dry the poor parents..Most schools in rural areas and slums do not have those facilities and resources..children are overworked with so many tasks..this CBC is too too much

  5. Taber says

    I will only support CBC if changes are done on mode of assessment of learners and also government to put necessary resources needed like phe equipment and art& craft, music, science, agriculture and computer room with internate available not for teachers to use their bundle to access content direct by CBC book.the government to make sure that their is internet in school without all this CBC will not go own

  6. Zachary muthomi peter says

    CBC is a curriculum that requires a lot resources for teaching which are not readily available in most of schools so this is unfavourable for the Kenyans

  7. Kamai Joshua says

    8-4-4 is the best go on God is on our side

  8. David says

    I don’t support cbc at all, parents we are suffering those people who are pushing CBC there children finished schools many years ago, look at the economy of our country we are surrounded with hungry hyenas. I don’t support it even if hio ndo pass ya heaven i batter go to hell

  9. CYRIL mambili says

    I am not for cbc

    1. Ibra says

      RIP CBC, hectic curriculum to parents, children and teachers, no resources teachers are forced to use their bundles because everything is all about internet, CBC must die

  10. David Rioba Akuma says

    Let’s go to 8-4-4 system and avoid dumping our Children

  11. Abdullahi says

    CBC is a good curriculum but very expensive. It looks quite impossible for Kenya to reach the standards required in CBC in terms of the equipments and resources. Better advancing our current 8-4-4 system i.e the mode of assessment and the like.

  12. Daudi says

    CBC is hell on Earth, total confusion, total mess