End time for CBC curriculum following today’s announcement



Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda on Monday faulted the government for “rushing” the implementation of the competency-based curriculum.


He said the Ministry of Education did not put in place requisite mechanisms for the smooth rollout of the new education system.


The MP said the level of preparedness on the part of the Teachers Service Commission and the ministry was clearly wanting.


“Generally, there is a big problem with the transition. There seems to be a lack of clear arrangements to handle changes that affect teachers, institutions and learners. These issues affect even the existing infrastructure,” he said.


The main concern for most stakeholders, we included, is how the Ministry of Education is managing the transition to CBC.”



The MP spoke at Bondo Teachers Training College.Ochanda also faulted the decision to have teachers retrained at their own cost, saying it is burdensome, especially for those who are yet to be employed by the Teachers Service Commission.


He said he has been forced to chip in and support teachers from his constituency who cannot afford the Sh60,000 required by the colleges as fees for retraining.


Ochanda appealed to his colleagues from other constituencies to support teachers.


“This is a dire situation and I want to ask all my colleagues to support the teachers from whatever source,” he said.


Ochanda also said he wants to know what plans Education CS George Magoha is putting in place to train teachers who will be implementing the new curriculum at junior secondary schools.


“Who is training them and at whose cost? We don’t want to wait until we witness another haphazard management of that phase of the transition like we have seen from the first time CBC was unveiled,” he said.


Bondo TTC principal Philip Olelimpaso said the college has admitted 290 students who are doing the upgrade course, most of whom are female.



On student unrest, the lawmaker said the country should do away with boarding schools at the secondary level.


He said if some schools must have a boarding section, then it should be run privately.



“The future of schooling is in day schools. The earlier we convert all boarding schools into day schools, the better for the country,” he said.




He said the way the country is structured, integration can’t be achieved by education alone, where students from across the country get admitted to national schools.




“In this constituency, for example, we have less than 5,000 students in boarding schools from other regions, but we have 19,000students in Bondo day schools,” he said.


Do you think that the CBC curriculum needs more time so that it will be successful?? Or do you support it or you are for it to end??


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