Examiner training exercise for 2021 to be postponed

The marking of the Kenya National Examinations Council is usually done by the trained tutors, who go through a one week rigorous exercise that is always scheduled yearly, few months before the KNEC examinations commence.



The teachers are trained according to the subject they teach on various issues that should be observed during marking, to enhance inclusivity and equity in terms of awarding marks.




On the same note, the recent advertisement for the training had attracted a variety of teachers that handle the subjects advertised, some of which have already received messages from KNEC, asking them to pay Ksh 10500 for the exercise.



Due to the limited chances advertised, many might miss the training, even if it’s voluntary. The training had been scheduled to take place in different selected schools for one week after the closure of schools for term one.



However, according to the recent reports from reliable sources, the TSC has been auctioned to attend a court order over the need for retraining of teachers.



The recent launch of TPD modules has forced one of the activists to challenge the TSC’s move to take teachers back to class, without considering some important factors in the teaching profession like age, financial status etc.



The petitioner has claimed that the training could be voluntary, and not a must as it looks like forcing a cow to take water from the river, when it is not thirsty. The court has highlighted the case as urgent and holds a priority to be heard with immediate effect.



Therefore, following the above court orders, it might mean that the training exercise for this year  has to be postponed to a later date or be cancelled.



According to one of the TSC officials, the issue at hand might affect the scheduled activities because running parallel programs concurrently might not bring out the intended achievement of the set objectives, and hence being ineffective in one way or the other.


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