Finally cs Magoha clarifies the reason behind abolishment of holiday for all teachers


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1. CBC training schedule for secondary high school teachers ready.

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2.KICD has already uploaded the grade seven Syllabus design s on its  website. 



3. All publishers are expected to  to develop learning and teaching materials and submit them  to KICD for vetting by March 2022. 

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4. The percent of students to raise by 27% by 2023 from 4381701 to 6,029,168 according to CBC report 





The Newskali media team has learnt that the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) training schedule for teachers in preparation for junior secondary school.



It has come to our attention that teachers will not be enjoying their holidays as from next year as that is the time that they will be training. This Programme will begin in January. The teachers will be trained by Teacher Service Commission (TSC) and Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).



Science teachers will be trained on the new approach to the reorganized learning areas. Biology, physics and chemistry will cease to exist as they are known. Junior secondary will begin in grade seven.



The teachers will be taught as integrated IT science and others taught topics in health educators and home science.



Other new learning areas will be pre-tech and pre-career studies, performing arts, visual arts, physical education and sports and life skill education. Grade seven curriculum designs has been uploaded by KICD to its website. All publishers are expected to develop learning and teaching materials and submit them for vetting in March 2022.



‘The retooling will be a five day training conducted during school holidays at KICD. The training will be run as per the subjects and the retooling areas’ a magazine published by TSC reports. The training dates are yet to be communicated later.



The training will not be possible to begin in December holiday owing the crash Programme in which schools will be closed just two days to Christmas.


According to the information from the reliable sources the training is likely to start in March when schools KNEC examination ends. The government has already released a budget of 1bilion for the CBC curriculum implementation.



Biology, chemistry and physics teachers will handle the integrated science. ‘The teachers once retooled will comfortably handle this new content. There is no need to have a special teacher’ the magazine read



Pre-tech and pre- career studies will be taught to physics and mathematics teachers. Skills in this area will be offered through the woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing, electricity, electronics, typewriting, short hand, textiles and clothing and auto mechanics.


The training is part of the preparations the government is undertaking before grade five learners move to junior secondary in January 2023.



Like last week, CS of education Pro. George Magoha and the interior CS Fred Matiang’i met all the education director stakeholders and county commissioners and briefed them on the ways of constructing additional 11,600 classrooms across the country.



In 2023, the enrollment will be expected to be in double number since we will be having double intake.


This is because the current standard six and seven learners will be joining the junior secondary in 2023 and 2024 respectively. The current curriculum will be on as it is being phased out slowly.



The percent of learners in secondary school is expected to increase by 27. The number of learners will increase from 4,381,701 to 6,029,168 according to the CBC implementation task force report.



Due to this high enrolment, more teachers will be demanded. As per the recent data, TSC has been hiring 5,000 teacher to secondary teachers yearly. In addition, TSC has been promoting and redeploying teachers in primary school who have qualifications to high school to curb the gap




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