*Finally National Police service takes action against GSU graduates whose video went viral*

The ‘feel good’ video, shot by a group of General Service Unit (GSU) officers, has left him in a hot soup.


This is after the entire squadron, which included 23 officers, including those captured in the clip, was banished to the infamous Magadi Field training camp for another “re-training” as punishment for their indiscretion.


Other officials said the team is likely to be deployed to normal duties after their new “graduation” is likely in weeks.



The entire squadron was sent to the “field” for further training before the video clip was posted after the video clip went viral, officials from the dreaded paramilitary unit condemned Kenyans on Twitter.


All of them were called for questioning at the GSU offices before fresh instructions were given on Thursday.


Magadi Field Training Camp is described as ” harsh on earth” and is considered the ultimate test for endurance within the disciplined forces.


This frightens many officers.

There was no official comment from GSU Commandant Douglas Kanza on the developments.


All GSU trainees go through Magadi camp to test their stamina.


The group had completed their nine months of training and were expressing their “happiness” through a video they had shot and shared only to get into trouble.


Most GSU officers are posted to special units before being sent to general duties or to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.


The video is said to have been recorded shortly after President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the 48th passing-out parade at his Embakasi Training College on 10 December.



NPS Swift Action

“The attention of the NPS is drawn to a video clip circulated on social media in which the new GSU officers are recording themselves as they make some irresponsible and reckless remarks,” the police headquarters said.


The officers are seen threatening the public.However, he says he is proud to be in service.

We are representing Lal Berry…we are coming out of there,” he said.


Some members of the public saw this as a threat and it was wrong for officials to make such remarks, especially at a time when the service was accused of extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances and brutality.


Police Headquarters assured the public that the behavior shown in the clip was not acceptable and did not reflect the values ​​of GSU and the service as a whole.


All graduates went through a rigorous value-based training based on democratic policing principles and designed to make them accountable and responsible officers of the law in the service of citizens, a statement said.


“He took the oath of allegiance as part of his graduation, a testament to the sanctity of his duty to service. The comments made in the clip are therefore regrettable and condemnable,” the NPS said.


“An internal review is underway with a view to prioritizing appropriate measures in relation to the incident. GSU is renowned for its focused training aimed at producing highly disciplined and responsible officers.”


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