Former KNUT secretary Wilson Sossion finally speaks about the firing of TSC deputy Dr. Kennedy Mulunda. Checkout full detailed report below

Former Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General (SG) Wilson Sossion, has condemned the dismissal of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) deputy chief executive officer (CEO) Kennedy Mulunda.


The nominated Member of Parliament (MP) termed the commission’s decision a witch-hunt, threatening to file a legal challenge to the move.


Mr. Sossion, in a statement, stated that the termination is part of a plan to prevent Dr. Mulunda from taking over when CEO Nancy Macharia steps down.


Dr. Mulunda was fired after being accused of abuse of office and gross misconduct. TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia signed his termination letter.




After 10 principals and teachers from Western and Nyanza testified against him, the TSC disciplinary committee of commissioners found him guilty of the offenses.


On the other hand, Mr. Sossion asked: “Between Nancy and his deputy Mulunda, who is engaged in big-time corruption in TSC tenders?”


Mr Sossion, a member of the National Assembly Education Committee, has threatened to expose the rot in TSC and ensure action is taken if the Kenya Kwanza coalition wins the August elections.


“In due course, we will be peeling away the mask of corruption scandals at TSC from promotions, transfers, Teacher Professional Development training, Competency-Based Curriculum training funds, and how quickly it is cleared by the Treasury before ending up in the pockets of thieves, tender scandals, and kickbacks from third parties’ deductions,” says the report.


Why Nancy Macharia Has Fired Her TSC Deputy CEO Kennedy Juma Mulunda

Mr. Sossion accused Dr. Macharia and TSC chair Jamleck Kamau of conspiring with other commissioners to prevent Dr. Mulunda from taking over the commission.


“The TSC chair should tell the public when Ms Macharia will reach retirement age,” he said, adding the dismissal is part of what Kenya Kwanza describes as state capture.


He lauded Dr. Mulunda as a highly educated human resources expert who should be allowed to lead TSC without fear of repercussions.

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