Frequently Asked Questions and answers Concerning 2022/2023 KUCCPS Course Application


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If you applying for Kenya University and College Placement Service (KUCCPS) for the time,During the 2022 application process you may encounter some challenges but worry not. This article will guide you when applying:

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When will the deadline of applying for various courses by students who wish to join soon

According to the placement agency, the application portal opened on Thursday, May 19th, 2022, and will close in 14 days’ time on 2nd June




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Are 2021 cut off points used for 2022 revision of courses



Yes, previous year of KCSE cut-off points are the one used for the current year of KUCCPS revision. Since KCSE which was done is 2021 is for KCSE 2022 then the cut-off points for the previous year that will be used are for 2021.






l got a B plain Of 66 points and l want tto take nursing pharmacy or Engineering


The cluster point for doing Bachelor of Pharmacy is between to 40.919 and 43.805 while for Bachelor Science in nursing is between 33.741 and 42.485 depending on the University.


Therefore, you do qualify to do a pharmacy or Nursing degree under government sponsored in some Universities while you don’t qualify in other Universities. It all depends on the University you select. Top Universities like University of Nairobi, Moi University, Kenyatta University, etc have higher cluster point requirement that you do not meet.




I got B- in my results and have interest to study bachelor of medicine in clinical medicine but I scored a C- in chemistry .is it possible?


The minimum KCSE subject requirements of doing Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine in University are:


English or Kiswahili (C+)


Biology (C+)


Chemistry (C+)


Mathematics or Physics (C+)


Therefore, you do not qualify because of Chemistry score.


I wish to know whether 2021 kuccps revison of courses is open


KUCCPS revision courses is currently open to students who did their KCSE in 2022. First revision of courses will close in 14 days from 19th may


I have attained a 45 AGP and was wishing if i could join university to study for a diploma course.


According KCSE Grading system, aggregate points of 45 is a C-. You can apply for some of the Diploma courses offered in various Universities in Kenya with a C-. However, most diploma courses require you to have scored a C (plain) and above. That does not mean that there are no diploma courses for C-


I got c+ in Math,Bio ,Chemistry and English. Do I qualify to do Pharmacy?


To do a Diploma in Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy, you need to meet the following subject requirements and grades:

Pharmacy Degree


KCSE Mean Grade: C+


English or Kiswahili: C+

Chemistry: C+


Biology: C+


Pharmacy Diploma


KCSE Mean Grade: C


English or Kiswahili: C


Chemistry: C


Biology: C


What is the minimum requirements for veterinary medicine course at Egerton University?


To do a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree course at Egerton University, you must meet the following minimum academic qualification requirements.

Cluster Points: 39.029

Subject Requirements


Biology: C+


Chemistry: C+


Maths or Physics or Agriculture: C+


What is the minimum requirements for the medicine course at maseno University?


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Maseno University, you must meet the following minimum education qualification requirement:


Cut-off points: 43.586

Subject Requirements


Biology: B


Chemistry: B


Maths or Physics: B


English or Kiswahili: B


Can KUCCPS make my dream of becoming a Teacher of Agriculture and Geography because most institutions have no that combination since I started searching?


Kindly not that KUCCPS does not invent new courses. It only lists courses being offered in those Universities. If there is No University offering the course you are referring to, then it will also not be available on KUCCPS portal.


How can one calculate his or her own cluster points

You can use Cluster Point calculator which has a margin of error of between -2 and 2+.

When you login to KUCCPS student portal and click on the course of your choice, you will also be able to see your cluster weight points (automatically calculated) and whether you meet the course’s requirements.


Cluster points of software engineering at the university of KCA


KCA offers Bachelor of Science in Software Development not software engineering.

You need cluster points of 33.704 and above to do Bachelor of Science in Software Development in KCA.

You also need to have scored a C+ in Maths and Physics to do the course.


My son scored D in Maths and had KCSE Mean grade of C+, can he become a secondary school teacher.


With a D (plain) in Mathematics, you cannot be employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). TSC requires that you have at least D+ in Maths. You will not even be able to apply in KUCCPS under government sponsored for a Bachelor Teaching course with D (plain) in Maths. However, you can do a degree course in teaching under private sponsored if you are not interested in being employed by TSC.


What does it mean when I can’t see my KCSE results in my KUCCPS student portal?

Login to KUCCPS portal and go to You should be able to seeyour KCSE results.


Your KCSE results data will be available in your account once revision of courses starts

If it is not available even after revision of courses has started, then call kuccps via 0205137400, or 0723954927 or 0734879662 for your details to be updated.


I have C+ and I want to do a diploma course, can i be sponsored by the government

Yes, you can be sponsored by the government if you had a C+ and choose to do a diploma course instead of degree. But you must apply for your diploma course via KUCCPS portal.


What is the pass mark for KUCCPS university Admission 2022?

To join University to pursue a degree course in Kenya in 2022 either under Government Sponsored or Private Sponsored, you have to have KCSE Mean grade of C+ plus and above and meet specific course subject requirements.


Which Course should i study with Business or Physics?

There are hundreds of degree courses options available for selection for your grades. To make work easier for us, let us know what your career interest or goals are.


I scored a C- in maths can i do an economics course ?

To do Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Arts in Economics or Bachelor of Science in Economics, you have to have KCSE C+ (plus) in Mathematics. During KUCCPS first revision of courses, you can change to another course because you do not meet economics subject requirements.

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