*Fresh twist as new report emerges concerning the death of webuye teacher*

A Bungoma based teacher has all committed suicide after receiving a punishment from the Teachers Service Commission who refused to honor the mans request to be transferred to another school after he was accused of sleeping with one of his pupils.


Confirming this incident, the school management has revealed that the deceased locked himself in his room before taking his own life by torching himself under unclear circumstances.


One of the teachers who was at the crime scene revealed that the suspect who often spoke of his case tried to kill two of his colleagues in the process.


The teacher who seemed to have been shook said that he jumped out of the window after the suspect locked them all in the office.

“To me he seemed okay , he didn’t show any signs of depression or stress.


I was however surprised when he locked the three of us in the office after which he set the whole place on fire. I had to jump out of the window “,he said.



In a new turn of events it has been revealed that the deceased had been accused of sleeping with one of his pupils.


According to the reports given locals, they claimed that this was one of the main reasons why he wanted a transfer.


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