*Fresh twist, TSC CEO issues clarity over December teacher’s salary increment*

Teachers Service Commission has announced that the implementation of 2021-2025 CBA has reached its final stage.



Teachers should expect pay changes next month. In CBA, primary school teachers are most preferred as compared to other group of teachers.




According Dr Nancy Macharia the Teachers Service Commission CEO, the salary of primary school teacher will raise to a tune of Sh. 27000.Change cut in all teachers, but primary school teachers have been awarded a pay raise 6000.


The commission says that it supported primary school teachers because they are the most affected group who gets very low wages.



The change is immediate and the teachers will be smiling all the way to bank at the end of month with their salary raised. TSC’s move has been appreciated by all employed primary school teachers, who say that life has become unbearable with little salary.



They says that with the salary raise, they will be able to get basic necessities which will improve their standards of living.



This process will take some time due to the huge number of teachers in the country to implement it and display it in their payslips.



This means that this month’s salary is bound to be delayed because of this reason. Let’s hope for the best.

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