Full List of Least Marketable Degree Courses In Kenya-2022

Below is a list of all the unmarketable courses in Kenya that you should avoid taking in 2022. These courses have few to no job opportunities in the country


The study of humanity from a broad comparative perspective is called anthropology. The graduates here understand how societies develop. Since there are few to no job openings due to the high number of persons choosing to complete the course, getting employed is virtually impossible. Many employers don’t require anthropologists’ services.

2. Environmental Science

One of the least marketable diploma programs in Kenya is environmental science. There are currently little opportunities for diploma holders. High-level, experienced employees are needed by companies. It will take a lot of experience from paid or unpaid internships to land a great career. Why spend nearly five years working for free to get experience when you can seek a degree instead?

3. Political Science

Many graduates from this discipline have not had the chances to air their political views and showcase critical thinking skills. Opportunities in the field of Mutahi Ngunyi’s profession are scarce. The majority of graduates settle for odd jobs.

4. Education

Some subject combinations are no longer required because the fields have been flooded. Some of the unmarketable subjects you may squander your time pursuing in college are business, history, and CRE. The aforementioned courses are easy, and everyone chooses to take them in college rather than mathematics, geography, physics, and chemistry.

5. Religion

One of the least marketable degrees in the country is in theology. Never enroll in this program unless you want to be a chaplain or a leader in your religion. in 2022  However, these days anyone can become a pastor without having any formal training. Today, anyone might claim that God has called them to share the gospel. So, with that in mind, who needs Theology or Biblical studies?

6. Criminology

One would imagine that professionals in this industry would have plenty of chances given the country’s increasing incidents of insecurity. Such experts are no longer required by security firms or chiefs. You’ll end up taking a job for which you were not being trained with this degree.

7. Hospitality

Any catering, hotel management, and related courses fall under the umbrella of hospitality. The worst courses in Kenya are comprised of them all. Doing such courses requires some “connections” somewhere. Banks and other unrelated industries employ many graduates in the hospitality industry. You shouldn’t enroll in it because it is among the least marketable courses.

9.Library Sciences

Library sciences is  another field which requires little education. It is hence among the unmarketable courses in Kenya.

All you need to work in a library is high school education and some basic computer skills. You could easily get hired as a library assistant without having studied anything related to libraries


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