Good News To All Headteachers And Principals After New Details Emerge About CBC

Competency based curriculum is very effective and should be supported by all parents as it provides different skills to the learners. Furthermore, learning is becoming more interesting as students typically manipulate the environment and use technology for effective learning.

Learners using scrap books in class


In addition, KICD has trained a number of teachers who will interpret the curriculum and implement it.



According to the source, if the CBC is successful, principals of primary schools and principals of secondary schools will have a chance to control millions of shillings.



In addition, the headmaster of the primary schools will be the first to enjoy the fortune as the student population will be less as compared to 8.4. System.



This is good news for all headmasters as they will be able to improve education in their school by getting funding from the government and buying learning resources.




This comes as many parents are against CBC because it is expensive.

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