Good news to all Universities students after HELB announces disbursement

Today HELB officials conducted meeting concerning delays in loan disbursement for first application 2021/ 2022. The higher education loan board announces that all applicants who had applied for loan

Many have awaited for this announcement to be made. Since first years are about to do their examinations. Many students are relying on this loan for them to cater for their needs and tuition fees.


Higher education loan board apologized for the delay in processing of loan appeal. For the continuing undergraduate students they will to wait.


This was after they faced funding problems due to financial charges incurred by the government during corona period.


All first year applicants are therefore advised to be patient. Their loan disbursement is in progress now. The disbursement will be done based on batch numbers assigned to the loan serial number.


Applicants should login to the website to keep updated on their loan status as they await for disbursement.

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