Good news to secondary History teachers as the Ministry of education announces the following


The Government is determined to see that all the teachers get the required skills that will propel the learners to the next levels in life.




The coming of the new curriculum will see the students get fully equipped with the new skills that will definately make majority of them self reliant in the societies.





As a way of improving the sources of the skills that should be imparted to the learners,the Ministry of Education and TSC have been training the teachers.



Currently, three-quarters of the primary school teachers are well conversant with the requirements of the Competency Based Curriculum.




As if not enough,the ECDE and primary school teachers who are yet to be employed are set to upgrade to their Diploma studies.The applications are ending today.




Besides these,the teachers in each Subject in the secondary schools have also been receiving some short workshop trainings in their areas of specializations.




For instance,all the Kenyan teachers of History are headed to Kisumu for a training as their Kiswahili counterparts begin their trainings today at Nakuru National school.






The teachers of History will be in Kisumu City at UoN Kisumu Campus from 28th August for a National training.




This will definately see the city become full of teachers since it will comprise all the Kenyan teachers of History.



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