Good news to secondary language teachers as TSC announces the following

Teachers are up to the tasks to ensure that the students cover the stipulated syllabus on time within the specified time.



This time,teachers will only take 30 weeks in schools as opposed to the usual 30 weeks.This is due to the reduced Education calendar orchestrated by the Covid-19 pandemic.




Every time,the Government ensures that the teachers become well equipped with the required skills to impart to the students.



This always see TSC and the ministry of education conduct some short courses for the teachers during the holidays.




The CBC holiday trainings for the teachers have always taken the lead through TSC.



Year in year out,the teachers of both English and Kiswahili languages do get dissapointed during the announcements of the KCSE results.



This is due to the dismal performances in these key subjects.In order to improve the performances in Kiswahili subject.



The teachers of Kiswahili have received some good news about their national training that will be done in Nakuru National school on 13th August.



All the Teachers of Kiswahili in the secondary schools are invited to attend this training so as to benefit.


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