Good news to students as the Government plans to pay school fees for students taking the following courses, check out the categories below

Getting a good education and career from a  prestigious university or tertiary institution in the country is getting more easier as the Government is doing everything to ensure all the students get education




There are various ways of raising  university fees among them being through various bursaries, HELB loan and scholarship funds from institutions.



The Government is planning another major step on ensuring that students in tertiary institutions taking select degree courses are paid for their fees.




According to news podcast, the government has proposed that the fees will be catered for once the University Funding Board (UFB) is successfully passed.




The students taking these courses will benefit from the programme

  •  medicine,
  • dentistry,
  • veterinary,
  • pharmacy,
  • architecture,
  • engineering,
  • agriculture,
  • sports,
  • science,
  • food science,
  • courses in natural science.




Confirming this news UFB CEO Mr Geoffrey Monari stated that the board is proposing for a 41 billion Kenyan shillings that will help in fulfilling this major suggestion.




Mr Monari stated: “Students who benefit from government postgraduate scholarships will be bonded to a university for a period of time prescribed by the Fund.”




This will be a huge project that will benefit several students who have been struggling to raise the required fees for the tertiary education.




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