*Good news to teachers and parents as CJ Martha koome finally issues the following clarification concerning CBC curriculum*

A few years back the competency based curriculum was introduced in the country. Many parents and teachers are against the new system of education as they state that it is not  more effective than the 8.4.4.



As per the source, again new details have come out regarding the Competency Based Curriculum .


It is reported that, CJ Martha Koome  appointed 5 judges who were able to discuss issues related to the system and deliver their verdict.



This has been disclosed by Justice Anthony Mrima and the matter is expected to be heard as from next year. “I quote a few statements from the source,” reveals Mrima,



This is a big relief for the parents and teachers if the court declares it illegal. Since most of parents have really found CBC curriculum to be a curriculum of rich families and developed countries not Kenyans.


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