Good news to teachers as they are set to receive the following benefits after an agreement made between TSC and the government

Government has today delivered good news to all teachers in the country after a new implementation it made to benefit all teachers in the country.



In a report by newskali media, it has established that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been signed between teachers countrywide and the Teachers Service Commission where teachers are expected to reap great benefits.





The newly signed CBA will ensure that female teachers go for their maternity of 120 days from the initial 3 months which they are given. Also male teachers will go for a paternity leave for 21 days up from the initial 14 days.




Further after the CBA was signed KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu that the TSC will have a review on the basic pay after the commission will be give a go ahead by the Salary and Renumeration Commission(SRC).




“We still assure our members that their salaries would be reviewed when the economy improves,” Oyuu told newskali media team.

Below is the monetary benefit to teachers.




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  1. Bik says

    This was a non monetary CBA No value at all to the teachers